Industry Terminology

"A.D"  Assistant Directors.

Background Performer aka Extra or Atmosphere, all of the people who fill out the scene and make it look realistic.

Background Action Cue for the Extras to begin

Back to ones Calleed out by the director or AD when it is needed for the actors, crew members and camera to return to their starting positions

Booking job you are booked for

Call sheet or finals The information (usually via email) providing you with all the information you need for the next day on set, such as (parking, set, wardrobe requirements, call times and standard info.)

Camera Ready dressed in the required wardrobe with hair and make up done, or clean shaven, unless requested otherwise.

Catering the area where lunch is served, lunch is generally served 6 hours after crew call.

Consultant Using a special skill or training to help the A.D make the scene accurate.

Continuity A role where you could return multiple times to give a continuous "feel" to a shoot,.

Circus The vehicles and trailers that house wardrobe, changing rooms, bathrooms,hair and make up

Craft Services The area where snacks are provided and beverages are available

"Cut" When the scene is finished

Extras coordinator or Wrangler The person who organizes the extras and their paper work

Extras Holding or BG holding The area where extras are asked to meet and wait when not on set

Ftting You are given clothes to wear and willbe required to attend a. wardrobe fitting in advance of filming

Miming Pretending to talk or talking without sound

Non union Anyone who is not a member of the Union of BC Performers.

P.A Production assistant

Picture Cast You are chosen by your photo and were not submitted by your agent

Primary role A main acting role

Rehearsing Practicing the scene before it is filmed

Demo reel Clips of your acting expwrience or doing a monolgue

SAE Special Ability Extra

Set Where filming takesd place

Stand ins. Men and women who take the place of the actors during set up

Submitted How your agent puts you forward for jobs

Wrapped Called when the scene or end of filming for the day