What’s in a Demo Reel?

What’s in a Demo Reel? When it comes to submitting you for work, demo reels and head shots are just one part of the package. Below you’ll find brief descriptions of several topics; it would be wise to explore these in further detail for your own reference. Before starting a project, there are great resources… Read More What’s in a Demo Reel?

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Head Shot or Not

“Should I get headshots done? Is it worth it?” Professional head shots can add up to hundreds of dollars.  Technology has simplified many things, including the film business. Twenty years ago, agents had one head shot per member on their roster and agencies mailed out hundreds of photographs to casting directors —  one photo had… Read More Head Shot or Not

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Who We Are

Hellkat Talent I opened Hellkat Talent in the spring of 2017 with the goal building a great business and community. I started this agency as an answer to the many issues, complaints and concerns I was hearing from Background Actors on set, I’m a problem solver and I saw a problem that needed fixing. Do… Read More Who We Are