What’s in a Demo Reel?

What’s in a Demo Reel?

When it comes to submitting you for work, demo reels and head shots are just one part of the package. Below you’ll find brief descriptions of several topics; it would be wise to explore these in further detail for your own reference.

Before starting a project, there are great resources available for doing research, especially Youtube and Google. Looking at other’s work will give you an idea of where to start, what to do and more importantly what NOT to do.

Demo reel (Video)

A demo reel is about three minutes long and is designed to showcase your skills and abilities; it could consist of clips of past work or a scene from a script (also known as a monologue). has a great article on demo reels and “do’s and don’ts”. There is also a large selection of monologues here. Demo reels can be posted to Youtube or shared through Google One Drive etc.

Acting Resume (PDF)

An acting resumé is just like any other resumé or CV. It should be clear, easy to read and include all the important information an employer needs to book you. However, a few things are notably different. An acting resumé should include a recent head shot and aspects of your appearance: here is a google link to examples. has a link of what NOT to do on an acting resume.

Head Shots (JPG)

You can find a Blog post on my website about head shots and if they are necessary. It’s really a personal choice if you want professional photos, it can be expensive but for principal talent could be to your benefit. It’s a good time to call family or friends who are good with a camera!

Language Demo (Video)

If you speak multiple languages it’s a good idea to have a sample of you speaking those languages. A language demo allows the viewer to hear you and any and accent you might have. It’s as simple as saying your name, the languages you speak/read and any acting skills/experience you offer.

Voice Over Demo (Audio)

Like a video demo, but it’s a short clip of skills or past samples. This website has plenty of information from a professional voice actor “info”. I’m not suggesting buying anything from this site, only using the information.

Hopefully this info helps when working on your submission packages. The more ways I have to showcase your skills, the easier it is to get you into the audition room.

Katie Bowdring